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What Truly Categorises Louis XVI Chairs, and Does it Actually Matter?

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Many things have dedicated fans and followers, from television programs, to films, toys and collectables; whatever you may find, there is almost certainly a group of people who value it.  Furniture styles similarly have their enthusiasts, with many different periods each having their own unique designs and stylings.  Obviously, there is a highly competitive market for original items from the various periods, but these are in short supply and command ever increasing prices.  As such, there is a healthy market in Antique Reproduction Furniture that enables items that have all the style and appearance of original pieces, but at a far more reasonable price point.

The French connection

One hugely popular style is that of French Neoclassicism.  This style is epitomised by an inherent elegance that would be carried throughout the period, which was at its height in the late 1700’s and truly began gathering momentum during the reign of King Louis XVI of France.  A key driving force behind this style was Queen Marie Antoinette, wife of King Louis XVI, who commissioned some of the finest craftsmen of the time to construct the furniture for her to adorn her various palaces and royal residences.  Given that the furniture was primarily designed for royalty, it should come as no surprise that it is typically highly cushioned and luxurious to the user.

Modern Miracles

The styling of kings and queens would have always been out of the grasp of all but the 1% of society when it was current.  However, today such items can not only be purchased by the masses, there are numerous benefits to doing that simply would not have existed in the 1770’s.  Should you want a pre-revolutionary French themed dinner table, then you could buy a reproduction French Louis XVI style dining chair that would not only come with a guarantee, it would also not command special insurance measures and render you scared to use it.  You can also customise such items to your tastes and decor; given that many reproductions are made to order, customers are offered the chance to select the wood stain and style of fabric used to complete the look of the item.  This might sound as though it could rob the chair of its authenticity, but the opulent stylings that categorise Louis XVI chairs would remain, simply with a slightly modern twist. 

Ignore the naysayers

Of course there are always going to be purists who detest such modifications, but you are buying an item of furniture to use and enjoy, there is no reason that you should you not have it exactly as you desire.  Welcoming an item of furniture into your home is always a transitional time, but when it is a special style that you have had made just for you, it should feel like an event.  After all, this is exactly the same approach the kings and queens of France would have taken with their furniture, and no one dared to tell them they had the style slightly wrong.

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