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Thinking of moving to the country? Here’s Why You Should

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Have you been toying with the idea of getting away from the city life and choosing a countryside existence instead? If so, then you should continue reading this post as we’re going to share a number of reasons why country living is just so darn good for you!

1 – The fresh air makes a big difference

You might not be noticing it so much now, but if you live in a big city with pollution present, then the air is getting you down. Sometimes its almost as though the air is so thick with pollutants that it literally weighs you down, dragging you into the dirt. If you’re feeling especially blue at the moment, it could be because you need to get a serious dose of fresh air in your lungs.

I’ve recently moved from a big city in Asia which is one of the most polluted cities in the southeast. It was killing me. Since moving to the coast and being amongst the fresh air, I feel infinitely better. Of course, comparing a coastal city in Southeast Asia is a little different to country living in England, but the fresh air has the same effect.

2 – Reconnecting with nature is a must

We aren’t designed for the big concrete jungle lifestyle. Instead we should be roaming the wilds with the fresh air in our lungs and the lush grass beneath our feet. When you live in the countryside and your surroundings are boundless green, then you will be able to truly reconnect with nature. You will feel a weight lifted, as though all of your worries are dispersing into the atmosphere ready to be somebody else’s problem.

3 – Be one with the community

The mad thing about big city society today is that you are surrounded by people, and yet often so utterly alone. Thus, if you’re feeling the pressure of living in the city and don’t like the silent commute of a morning, then you’ll love the country life. Wherever you decide to call home, whether it be a rural development in the Southwest, or a farmhouse in Yorkshire, you will be a part of the community.

4 – You’ll feel safer

Whilst crimes still occur in the countryside that are few and far between. Thus, if you are feeling uncomfortable in the city and don’t like the idea of letting your children out to play in the streets, then country living is for you. Genuinely, the quiet corner of the country that you call home will be safe and you will feel at ease letting your children play until their hearts content, safe in the knowledge that they will return to you unharmed. 

5 – It’s just so darn pretty

My favourite thing about country living is of course, the scenery. No more traffic jams and drab looking buildings—only green trees, rolling hills, refreshing streams and an all in all gorgeous landscape for you to absorb on a daily basis.

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