Event Entertainment Ideas

It doesn’t matter what type of event that you’re hosting, there’s one thing that remains equally as important: entertainment. Sure, it could be a big corporate gig that involves some serious topics such as rewarding your top performers and discussing the companies plan of action for the next year. However, that doesn’t mean that there can be no room for having fun! You can’t expect people to turn up to an event and simply sit in silence for six hours! You need to break it up with careful consideration and allow them to have a little fun! That is the key for putting on an event that people will remember and want to attend again in the future.

So, without further a due, let’s go through some event entertainment ideas so that you can plan one to remember! For the sake of continuity, let’s stick with the “corporate” theme. That way we can make a few appropriate suggestions that might be worth exploring if you are indeed, hosting a corporate, business related event.

1 – Favour immersive experiences

There are so many different things that you can implement to ensure that people have an amazing time at your event, but the most successful ideas, are those that are immersive. For example, many people are introducing escape room vibes for their attendees. This is an activity that will break up the day, separate people into teams and then will rely on their cooperation to work their way through puzzles and find their way out of a truly thrilling exercise.

2 – Augmented reality / VR

If you really want to have some fun, then you should try incorporating modern technology into your event. There are applications such as Pokémon Go, which encourages players to interact with their surroundings, whilst injecting a world of fantasy. This idea can be developed into many different activities, including a sort of “treasure hunt” vibe, where guests have to compete with one another and again, solve problems in order to achieve their goals.

3 – Casino vibes

If you’re going for a particular theme, for example “Great Gatsby” or “Guys and Dolls”, then casino entertainment always goes down a treat. You can introduce roulette, blackjack and craps, where guests can use fake money to build up a fortune and win some incredible prizes. Again, it inspires a lot of fun and encourages your guests to interact with one another with a hint of healthy competition. A reputable company like Funktionality will know all of the best casino themed party supplier so find an events company that is well-established.

4 – Dancers / Live Music

If you’d like to put more emphasis on a sit down “wine and dine” experience, then dancers and live music work wonderfully. Thus, after a long day of discussing business and chewing your employees ears off about figures and targets, they can be rewarded with some exceptional cover bands of grand dance performances. Know your audience and have some fun!

These are just a handful of ideas to get the creative juices flowing when looking to hire entertainment for your event. If you choose an events company to assist you, they will have hundreds of ideas, with access to some of the finest entertainment in their location. So, shop around, do your research and try to have a little fun with it!