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Learn to Love Your Kitchen Once More

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Are your growing tired of your kitchen? Perhaps you’ve been feeling less inspired to cook more frequently and have started developing bad habits such as eating take-out most evenings? Perhaps your kitchen is looking a little worse for ware, you’ve got a number of faulty or broken appliances that need replacing and you’ve slowly come to resent the space? If that’s the case, its time to take action and learn to de-discover your passion for your kitchen.

1 – Start from Scratch

You could go straight in with a kitchen renovation, gut the place entirely and start completely from scratch. If you’re interested in exploring that idea further, head over to a reputable website via a Google search.

If you don’t feel as though you’re in the financial position to renovate your kitchen at this time, then there are other things that you could do. For example: get rid of any old or faulty appliances (replace them where possible), de-clutter your kitchen, throw out anything that is past its sell-by date and give it a good, thorough clean. Already you’re going to start feeling better about it!

2 – How Comfortable is Your Dining Area

If you frequently eat breakfast in the kitchen with your family, how comfortable is it? Could you do with replacing the chairs? Grabbing a few choice cushions to make it feel more comfortable? Perhaps a lick of paint in the kitchen will give it the revitalising kick that you need?

3 – Jazz Up Your Space

The best way to start enjoying your kitchen once again is to personalise it and give it a bit of you! Why not place some of your favourite ornaments around, try some beautiful plants on the windowsill and perhaps even grab that old radio from the garage. Play your music and sing your heart out when you cook! If you make your kitchen more fun, you’ll feel more willing to cook of an evening.

4 – Get Your Children Involved with the Cooking

If you’ve lost all inspiration with cooking, why not turn it into an opportunity to teach your children some valuable life skills? You can invest in some funky children’s kitchen tools such as their own wooden spoon for stirring the cake mix! Get your children involved where possible, just don’t entrust anything too dangerous to them before they’re ready.

5 – Wiser Storage

Is your kitchen working for you in its current layout? Sometimes, something as simple as emptying your cupboards and having a complete re-arrange can make it feel like an entirely new kitchen! Sure, it’s not quite the same as having a stunning new renovation, but it’s certainly something and it will cost you nothing.

6 – Stock Up Well

One of the worst things is going to cook a dinner and then realising that you’ve got absolutely nothing in! Try and stay topped up with as much food as you can, particularly root-vegetables that tend to keep well. Also, be sure to buy yourself a lovely herb-rack. Having variety in the kitchen will allow your creative juices to flow and you might feel more inspired to try new recipes as well.


Don’t neglect your kitchen! The worst that thing that you can do is to start wasting money on takeaways every night of the week because you can’t bear to be in your kitchen. If you really can’t stand it, invest in a renovation. You’ll be adding value to your property, increasing its attractiveness to potential buyers and you’ll feel an awful lot better about being in there. That being said, provided that you try a few of the tips listed above, you should be able to learn to love your kitchen once more!

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