Chill out in your 4X4 

4X4’s are already seen as somewhat of a luxury car; not necessarily in the sense of extravagance, but more so from the experience that they provide.  Having the freedom to head off road and visit some of the most beautiful natural sights the world has to offer is definitely a huge reason to own one.  The kind of activities that people use their vehicles for is going to be as varied as the range of people that own a 4X4, but there will definitely be some common themes.  Whereas most people are aware of the abilities of 4X4’s, there is almost certainly far less awareness of the extra features that can be fitted to these vehicles to really add to the drivers experiences.

fridgeA fridge on wheels

This is not talking about the air conditioning, which is also pretty impressive in a lot of 4X4’s.  This means a literally fridge.  That’s right, it is very possible to get a portable fridge that is designed to be fitted to a 4X4.  It may not seem like the most useful thing at first, but imagine how much easier it could make picnics and family camping trips.  You would always have a fridge on hand and it would completely negate the need for a cool box.  What about finding yourself and your family stuck in traffic, well now you can reach into the back and get a nice cool drink to make it more tolerable.  If you like fishing, then surely you can already see the benefits of an on board fridge, be that keeping your catch on ice or keeping your beers cool.  The possibilities speak for themselves.


Getting into a fridge might sound like you need to crawl into the back of the vehicle to get to where it is securely fastened to the chassis; however there is a better way.  MAS 4X4 have created an innovative solution to accessing a fridge or anything else that needs to be secure in your vehicle.  They have a range a drop slides that can easily extend your fridge out of the vehicle whilst keeping it safely secured.  There are different designs to fit the most commonly used fridges found in 4X4’s and they make accessing your fridge a simple matter of releasing the lock and gently extending it outwards.

If you were already considering getting a fitted fridge for your 4X4 or have just heard about the concept for the first time with this article, then it makes a lot of sense to consider a 4X4 fridge slide to go with it.  Simply put, 4X4 fridge slides make accessing the luxury of your fridge a breeze and simply add to the experience.  Having the ability to access a fridge right from the back of your vehicle will undoubtedly turn heads and leave other 4X4 owners jealous.  If you bought a 4X4 to experience more of the outdoors, then why not make sure that you can do it with a degree of comfort that a fridge would provide.