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Fitting Replacement Guttering & Downpipes


‘Periodically you will end up having to replace the guttering and/or downpipes. As and when this is the case you can either have it done professionally or if you’re feeling up to it you can attempt it yourself. It is not necessarily the hardest task but a lot will depend on whether you are willing to work at height. If you are happy to do this then here is a rundown on how to go about replacing the guttering and the downpipes.


Chances are you will need to remove the existing guttering before you can actually replace it. Firstly position the ladder firmly and so that it is sitting flat on the ground and make sure you have somebody holding onto it at all times whilst you are climbing it. The first thing to do is hammer nails underneath the guttering so it doesn’t fall to the ground once detached. Next you need to cut or saw through the joining sections of the guttering. You will then be able to remove it section by section. Repeat this process until it is all taken down. If you need to remove the downpipes then do so afterwards by simply unscrewing or prying the clips loose.


Firstly you need to attach a ladder stand-off so that the ladder will not be in the way or end up resting on the guttering. Next attach a bracket to the fascia at one end and attach a piece of string to it to help you line things up straight later on. The first actual piece of guttering you should fix in place is the outlet. Line this up with the drain by using a piece of string with a weight attached to the bottom. Mark where it needs to go and then screw it in place. Next take the piece of string you attached at the end of the guttering and after tying it to the outlet use this to line up the angle of the guttering. It should ideally run at a slight slope down towards the outlet to help the water flow. Now all that remains is to mark out where to fit the rest of the brackets and then fix them to the fascia. The last thing to do is fit the guttering itself into place. Take an end piece and attach this to a section of guttering. Clip this into place and keep attaching pieces down the fascia until you reach the end at which point all you need to do is saw it off to size and fit the other end piece.

guttering broke


Downpipe replacement is even easier. Take the weighted string you used before to make a vertical line down from the outlet to the drain. Alternatively you could use a spirit level. Then take a pencil and mark this line as a guide. Don’t worry because the down pipe will obscure any big marks. Simply mark out where to put the clips so that they are following the straight line you have made and drill out the holes with a power drill. Then starting from the top attach the down pipe to the outlet and fit the clips over it securely as you work your way down. Repeat this down to the very bottom at which point you put on the final piece, the shoe, and you should be finished. If at any points you come unstuck or aren’t confident to attempt it yourself then contact a quality gutter installation team to do it for you.