fitness aboutThe Real Young Buck is an Australian based company that is dedicated to health and fitness. We here at TRYB strive to provide only the finest and most comprehensive fitness training courses with informative nutrition and dietary classes alongside core muscle-groups and relative workout plans.

Established in 2013 by brothers Kane and Andrew, TRYB have fast become a renowned and reliable fitness training course provider and continue to thrive in the industry with their endless endeavour to improve not only themselves and their own knowledge, but that of their friends, family and valued clients.

Health and fitness have always been a huge part of Kane and Andrews lives as their father was a keen sportsman in his youth and has long recognised the significance of maintaining a healthy diet and so has passed this passion onto them.

The idea at first was to build a resource for others to draw from and discover information and tips on how best to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. The idea of providing training courses so that others could become certified as personal trainers too, soon came into fruition. TRYB are so passionate about what they do that they wanted to be able to help others share in their passion and aid yet more people in actualising their true potential.

The TRYB team are very well qualified and possess a great deal of experience between them so you can trust that you will be receiving educated information from a reliable source. A home-grown Australian family run business that is dedicated to the betterment of the human race both physically and mentally. After-all, healthy and active people function well and are much happier – how on earth could spreading that knowledge be a negative thing. Be well, eat well and live well!